Monday, June 9, 2008

Taylor's Mistake

Yesterday I drove over the twisty little snake of a road that takes you from Sumner beach, up and over Scarborough Hill and drops you down in Taylor’s Mistake, a popular surf beach and home to one of the best clusters of old seaside baches that remain anywhere. There’s a line of them tucked into the base of the hills within walking distance of the sand; and a few sheltered by old macrocarpa trees on the beach edge – as illustrated in the photos above.
If you walked around the rocks at the north end of the beach, you’ll find yourself in the cute horseshoe of Hobson Bay, which is home to the now-famous cave baches (below) that were first established in the cliffs in the 1800s. There’s only one or two left now and the best example, Whare Moki (bottom right of four photos below) appears to be unused.

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