Friday, June 20, 2008

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Chocolate?

Temptations at She Chocolaterie, Governor's Bay. Christchurch. Ajr
Have you ever considered the possibility of going out for the night and doing nothing but eat chocolate? I did – on Wednesday night; and I didn’t make the decision lightly!
Suffice to say I came home feeling three stone heavier, albeit with a smile on my face.
Declan Scott and Oonagh Browne over at She Chocolaterie in Governor’s Bay (over the Port Hills from Christchurch), have found every possible way to tempt you – and it’s no good pretending you don’t like chocolate. By the time you’ve been through one of their Chocolate Extravaganza tasting evenings, you’ll be convinced there’s no healthier vice to have.

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