Monday, June 30, 2008

Flushed with Excitement

Bay Espresso, Hastings. June 2008. Ajr
Firstly, let me state that I don’t intend starting a photographic series on toilets, despite the fact I know of plenty of interesting examples. This one however, did make me smile. I discovered it at Bay Espresso, a great café and organic/Fairtrade coffee roastery between Clive and Hastings.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne,

Been to this cafe a few times but never saw the toilet till I read your blog!
I was googling toilets NZ because I know there is another toilet been transformed into a work of art like in Kawakawa and I'm trying to find out where. Do you know?
I am working on organising a transformation of the toilets in Haumoana (Hawkes Bay) and creating a sculpture park or trail.
I'd be grateful for any information regarding art-toilets in NZ.

kind regards,
Wendy van Hooijdonk


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