Sunday, May 11, 2008

Arts Centre Eels

"Out of the Black Water," Bing Dawe. Christchurch Arts Centre.
I spent yesterday morning browsing at the The Christchurch Arts Centre Markets. That's where I found this public sculpture by Christchurch sculptor Bing Dawe, who I wrote about here a few days ago. This work, "Out of the Black Water" Carved and painted kauri and steel, 2001 is installed above an interior stairwell in one of the Arts Centre Market buildings. It refers to the ongoing manipulation of the natural waterways and the associated threat to animal and plant species. The circle and the crossed eels make stylised references to drains and barriers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Adrienne,
so enjoying your blog. Really pleased you have Bing's work on display. He creates truly beautiful and thoughtful pieces. A gentle and delighful artist, it was a pleasure to meet him and Shona when they stayed with us a while back.
Cheers from chilly Wanaka

Adrienne Rewi said...

Thanks Andy - glad you're enjoying it. Pass the address out. We LIKE regular readers :-)
Did you see Bing's earlier works - the goose & his studio? aj

Anonymous said...

No I didn't. A bit restricted here on the arts front. But will keep an eye out. Keep the posts coming so I don't miss out!


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