Thursday, May 8, 2008

Seeing Red

"I See Red." Top Right: "Black Insects, Red Primitives 1980. Richard Killeen. Ajr
They had me at the word RED – a colour so laden with history and suggestion that it never fails to capture my attention. The team at Christchurch Art Gallery have brought together an exciting collection of artworks that explores some of the powerful ideas and evocative meanings attached to the colour red. Designed to appeal to children – of all ages, including big kids like me – it’s a vibrant display that gives you the feeling of being let loose in a paint box. And there are words everywhere – all to do with the colour (and shades of) red. Since words are my ‘trade,’ I especially like that. There are cut-out houses to build, letters to play with, little dishes of assorted red pigments to stimulate and, if you’d like to turn your whole world a convincing shade of red, there are little red glasses to wear and take home. My office has never looked more enticing - now that it’s cast in a saucy shade of red.

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