Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Big Boys' Toys

Philip Trusttum City Billboards, Christchurch. 2008. Ajr
In an earlier posting several weeks ago, I talked about one of New Zealand’s most recognised artists, Christchurch-based Philip Trusttum “going large.” It’s happened and today I was out photographing Philip’s magnificent billboards strategically placed on three of the city's main arterial routes – three gigantic works from his series “All What Trucks”, a series of over 28 paintings (so far) completed in the last 16 months. Simultaneously, Riccarton’s Hoyts Theatre complex is screening a 20-second clip of his trucks prior to the main movie in Cinema 5 during May and June; and scaled down versions (compared to the billboards that is – they’re still huge in their original form) will be on show at COCA Gallery in Christchurch during May. How wonderful to see art 'escaping' from the traditional gallery format. www.trusttum.co.nz

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