Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Small Book of Rugs

"A Small Book of Rugs" Ajr. 2007
Every so often my seemingly divergent passions for words, travel, pattern, colour, books, art and people come together in one happy little package. This is one example – a book I made last year after my Frommers New Zealand research trip. It’s called “A Small Book of Rugs,” and was inspired by my stay at Pencarrow in Queenstown. Pencarrow’s owners, the marvellously hospitable Bill and Kari Moers, have one of the most beautiful collections of Persian rugs I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been inclined to purchase Asian rugs myself – there’s something about all that pattern that makes me dizzy and fidgety; but when I walked into their upmarket B&B last year, I was blown away by the sheer mass and diversity of the imagery in their rug collection. I was transfixed and I kept thinking about them for weeks afterwards – hence this little book production – a fiddly labour of love that took me weeks to execute …..light relief to shutting myself away for months on end to write the 5th edition of Frommers New Zealand.

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