Thursday, November 26, 2009

Harping on About Hedges

Have I mentioned lately how much I love a good hedge?
No? Then Let me redress that~!
I spent three days down in Southland last weekend and that's the perfect place to go 'hedge-hunting.' Located at the bottom of the South Island it's prone to very high winds and farmers all over the province have cultivated huge macrocarpa hedges to provide their animals with shelter. I snapped these three from the bus window as we were driving from Invercargill to Colac Bay - I loved the patterns formed by the die-back in the top image. I'll add these to my collection of hedge photos - now into its second 'edition.' I intend to maike a second hedge book soon - over the Christmas New Year period perhaps....that's a page from my first Small Book of Hedges up the top. Click on the word HEDGES in the label line below to see some of my favourite monster hedges in previous posts. Go know you want to.

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