Friday, November 13, 2009

Hat Parade - Showtime 24

I was surprised to discover that I actually enjoyed photographing hats at the New Zealand Trotting Cup meeting at Addington last Tuesday. I used to wear a hat from time to time many years ago but you'd have to hold me down to get one on my head these days. That aside, there was just something about all that colour and texture and over-the-top decoration that lured me in. And as always, I opted for the fragmented approach - a little glimpse of feathers against a vibrant blue sky, a mass of curls, a blurry glass of champagne in the background, the corner of a race programme barging into the photo frame, or the hint of the crowd in the background. For me, that's more interesting than a conventional literal portrait of a person in a hat. I'm skipping attendance at the Addington races today. For a start it's freezing cold again and blowing a gale. Instead, I'll be heading off to the Canterbury Jockey Club's NZ Cup meeting at Riccarton Racecourse tomorrow - the gallops...and of course, another parade of hats.

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