Monday, November 9, 2009

Scratched from Race One - Showtime 15

You can tell I’ve never been to the races…..I missed the first New Zealand Cup Meeting at Riccarton Park Raceway on Saturday….. because I never knew it was on. Great start! Even more ridiculous is the fact that I was actually AT Riccarton Park Raceway early on Saturday morning because I had been out at the airport and thought I’d just swing by to see what might be happening. There were men fussing about with marquees and traffic wardens wandering about the place (but no traffic) and still it never dawned on me….though at the time I did think they were making a devilishly early start to the November 14th NZ Cup Day meeting. Ho hum!
So that was my non-experience of the New Zealand 2000 Guineas. Let’s hope I can do better and actually get myself there on Saturday November 14th, for the Christchurch Casino NZ Cup Day. I’ll be foregoing the second meeting - Wednesday’s Ladies’ Day - as I’ll be going to the opening of the Royal New Zealand Show that day. Well….that’s the plan but after yesterday’s debacle I’m the first to admit that anything could happen between now and Wednesday.
And in a classic case of Dumb Meets Dumber I never even twigged when I saw all the horses at the stables. I just sat there wondering why they were bringing them a week early! BUT I think you'll agree though, that everything was looking spick and span and deliciously green for the first NZ Cup and Show Week event - and they did have a beautiful day for it.

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