Friday, November 6, 2009

It's a Sign - Showtime 14

It's just a few days now - Tuesday, November 10th actually - before the New Zealand Trotting Cup Day kicks off at Addington Raceway. As one of the key events of NZ Cup and Show Week, it attracts huge crowds - most of whom will know ten times more than me about racing and what goes on. When I was out at Addington a few weeks back I picked up a small booklet called Racing 101 - I thought it might give me a few tips on form - for both the horses and myself. It tells me how I should pick a winner and how I should place a bet (should I succumb to a wild and impulsive gamble). Thankfully, it also provides a list of 'important tips for new punters' and 'a guide to racing terms.' I feel like SUCH a beginner, so knowing that The Jump is where the race starts and that it's NOT an actual jump (as in a fence or a hedge), could save me a few red-faced moments. I suppose if I were cunning I would have arranged to take an expert with me but I don't think my media pass includes 'guests.' So it's going to be trial by fire for me. But I'm up for it. From my experience, all of life is a gamble, so I should be in my element - and who knows, I might even beat the odds and pass myself off as someone who knows what they're even doing there.

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