Sunday, February 17, 2008

B is for Bar

Queenstown Bar Signs, Ajr, 2007
I love typography almost as much as I love words - which is just as well, given that one leads to the other. There is something 'plump and reassuring' about the type faces I love that stirs my creative thoughts. But don't ask me their names. I wish I knew them all by heart but my flirtation with type is a superficial affair - an untutored dipping in and out of my PC typography 'library' choosing on the basis of curls, embellishments and other distinguishing aesthetic features. I collect old wooden type - just the letters I especially like - I play with colours and forms; and I take a special pleasure in signs and the way others apply their creative talents to typography. In Queenstown it seems, bar owners have yet to get passed the letter B.

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Anonymous said...

The Letter B FOR bar
TWO bears went into a bar and tried to order a beer. The Barman said I'm sorry we don't serve bears beer in this bar. The Bears looked around and saw everyone else getting beers so decided to kick the guy next to them. The barman just looked implacably at them and said" we dont serve bears beer in this bar who boot bystanders." Enraged the bear picked up a bar stool and threw it. Again the barman just said matter of factly "we dont serve bears beers in this bar who boot bystanders and biff barsstools. Really cross now the bears threw some bottles that were on the bar at the barman. Once more the barman just steadily said "WE DONT SERVE BEARS BEER IN THIS BAR WHO BOOT BYSTANDERS, BIFF BARSTOOLS AND BREAK BOTTLES."
Well this was the last straw so the bear leaned over and took a big bite out of the edge of the bar.
the barman just stood there polishing his glasses and said 'WE DONT SERVE BEARS BEER IN THIS BAR WHO BOOT BYSTANDERS, BIFF BARSTOOLS, BREAK BOTTLES AND DO DRUGS!!!"
HUH said the bears. What are you talking about.
Well said the barman that was a BARBITUATE!!!
Oh dear........sorry to denegrate your fanastic blog with such nonsence.


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