Friday, February 15, 2008

Put Down That Spray Can!

Where does street art begin and grafitti finish?

Should all street art be banned?

Is it any less legitimate as an expressive form than anything else?

Is it always vandalism?

What of the witty works, the works that make you smile, laugh, think and wonder?
What of the works that revive an otherwise bleak and neglected environment?
Top Image: Christchurch Railway Bottom: Dunedin street art

1 comment:

feddabonn said...

i think banning things we don't know how to handle is regressive at best, stupid at worst. there definitely are more creative ways to handle unwanted behaviours then to shut them down. like you have pointed out on another post, most of these kids are just looking for an outlet for their creativity. if they actually had legal outlets, the quality of the work becomes much better. argh. gets me mad. [/rant]


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