Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Collectors 1

English ceramics, Shands Emporium Antiques, Christchurch, Feb.2008, Ajr
I am a collector - of many things; though it must be said that my interest in any particular collection waxes and wanes over time. My current focus is crucifixes (religious and decorative) - more for the form than any particular religious sentiments - and Buddha figurines and wooden Buddhist prayer beads, which I have gathered during my travels in China, Korea and Japan and do fall in with my interest in Buddhist philosophy. Yesterday I fell upon a gorgeous little wooden decorative crucifix in the store above Shands and, on my 'way back down to earth' I spied this stunning (mostly) English ceramic collection. I don't collect china and/or ceramics myself but I do appreciate them en masse. Such a luscious display of colour, pattern, form and texture.

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