Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From the Heart

Creativity? What is it? Who has it?
For me it is something deeply primitive and simple that lies in the core of us all. And whether it manifests as writing, painting, photography, sculpture, design, architecture, poetry, it requires little more than "an untutored marvelling attitude" toward the world.
That and a desire to express, to share, to communicate.

Creativity is everywhere if only you take the time to look, to see. Some of the best and the most refreshing is found in the most unexpected places.

Gathering Feathers

So many single, instantaneous moments of beauty go unnoticed, unrecorded every day.
The flicker of a tree shadow across a plain wall; the purity of a newly unfurled leaf; the perfection of a new petal; the sunlight filtering across a man's body as he reads the newspaper surrounded by street grafitti; the gloss of a duck's feather in the grass; the perfection of a smooth stone.
All of them triggers - touchstones to memory, to starting points for creativity - things that stir some deep, intuitive response.

I gather things. I gather moments. I surround myself with the visual prompts that give me the key to memory, to my own subconscious. I accumulate and display these 'tiny moments of beauty' because they whisper with my imaginings.
My house is full of the unexpected. Even the curl of a dried leaf may stir some half-formed idea; it may hold the key to a short story, a painting, a photograph, a new handmade book.

Creativity is making something of those unformed inspirations, those "vapoury, floating intuitions." It is catching at the shadows of moving thoughts.


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Nice stuff, Adrienne. Beautiful! xx Shelley

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