Sunday, February 17, 2008

Please Ban.....

The over-worked words and phrases I hate:

  • Clean lines - thashed to death in the architectural sense. Please explain what you mean fully - if you can.
  • Creatives - as used by the PR and advertising industry to mean 'creative people' - I presume. Slightly self-indulgent not to mention grammatically incorrect.
  • Indoor-outdoor flow - if I hear it one more time I'll scream!
  • Luxury - inappropriately used in the New Zealand accommodation sector to the point of embarassment. There are probably no more than a dozen true luxury properties in NZ that would rate on an international scale.
  • You're so lucky - It's generally about hard work not luck!
  • Chur, Tru Bro - NZ slang that annoys the hell out of me. If you're going to speak English do it properly.

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