Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Flight

Australian Outback. April 2008. Ajr
Hawk in flight - Cunnamulla, South west Queensland


Anonymous said...

Is this your Kestrel (heehee), they are very difficult to photograph when in flight unless hovering almost motionless above your head :) It's still an acomplishment to get more than a dark blur!

Adrienne Rewi said...

A kestrel..... didn't think I had it right. I BADLY needed a telephoto lens... this was taken with a tiny digital camera so I guess I'm lucky it's not a tiny pin-prick in the sky :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's really a Black Kite because can see quite a bit more than just a pin-prick in the sky :)

Adrienne Rewi said...

I'll bow to your superior knowledge. I'm a New Zealander after all and some of those Outback 'birds' left me speechless.


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