Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Otago Architecture

From Top to Bottom: Gospel hall, Scout Hall, Lodge St John, Milton, South Otago. jan 2009. Ajr
When I drove south from Dunedin yesterday on my way to Kaka Point, I passed through the quaint little town of Milton, pop.2000. Like most small New Zealand provincial towns, it provides the basics for the surrounding rural areas and as you drive through the main street you feel kinda' glad you live somewhere bigger and more interesting. But turn down the side streets here and you'll discover all manner of terrific little (and big) buildings - compact, sturdy and in many cases beautifully built to last in robust red bricks. I love small town halls and sports club buildings - sometimes humble and shabby, sometimes built with an over-inflated sense of grandeur that in no way relates to the humble activities within. They say so much about a town's history and social fabric and sadly, too many of them are now falling into disrepair, or are being removed altogether.
And then
Looming over the Main Street..........

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