Friday, January 9, 2009

Storybook Architecture

Mona Vale, Christchurch. Jan 2009. Ajr
The Mona Vale Gatehouse (top image) is one of my favourite Christchurch houses. I just adore its almost storybook quality – it’s the sort of pretty little house I dreamed about as a kid. The main Mona Vale homestead, (lower image) was originally called Karewa and was built for Frederick Waymouth in 1899-1900. Designed by Christchurch architect, J.C Maddison in the Arts & Crafts style, it sold to Annie Townend in 1905. It was she who renamed it Mona Vale – after her mother’s home in Tasmania, Australia. She was also responsible for the adding the gorgeous gatehouse. The property is now owned by Christchurch City Council and, set in four hectares of pretty gardens, it is a popular spot open to the public. The gatehouse is rented out as a private home. Both homes have a Category I listing with New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

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kim23 said...

such a beautiful house! The Witch’s House is also an example of what was known in 1920s LA as storybook architecture. The home was built in 1921 by art director Harry Oliver for a silent film movie house. Later, in 1998, the house was purchased by a local real estate agent named Michael Libow.


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