Friday, October 2, 2009


If The Physics Room website is all up to date, this work at The Kiosk in Christchurch is by Anya Henis (Sept.25-Oct22). I don’t know a thing about her or her work and the website doesn’t elaborate either. I’ve mentioned more than once that The Kiosk is one of my favourite miniature exhibition spaces in the city, although the occasions when I get really excited by what’s on show there can be counted on one hand.
This is another time where I have walked around it feeling slightly deflated. Although the concept – ‘crating up The Kiosk’ and working on the exterior of it instead of within its small glass showcase - may have had initial merit, I think its execution is a little on the shabby side and potential has not been realised. (I may seem old-fashioned but I still believe the actual 'crafting' of an artwork is just as important as the concept and ideas it is supposed to express). The four exterior artworks ‘say’ nothing at all to me – nor, in my opinion, to each other. But it does bring colour to the pedestrian intersection and it does match the pansies in the neighbouring garden, so it’s not all bad.

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Andrea Eames said...

I agree with you - it looks shoddily done. A pity! I love The Kiosk, and I always look forward to the changes.


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