Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Inner City Street Art

I roamed around town for three hours this morning, making the most of the return of fine weather - enjoying taking photos of new signs, posters, shop windows and the like. It's amazing how quickly change takes place in a city and I have a number of places I frequent for that very reason. One of them is Manchester Street - always slightly shabby and interesting, always changing. I noticed these new doors on a fish and chip shop there. They've obviously commissioned a street artist to create a lively, in-context approach for their business. I like that. I like too, that increasing numbers of businesses are hiring graffiti artists to give their premises - and even their vehicles a distinctive look. You'll find the same thing happening in SOL Square (South of Lichfield), which probably started 'the legitimising of street art' in Christchurch. The developers there hired graffiti artists from Auckland right back when they opened about three years ago, and the place is a visual feast of colour and chaos. This is a new work that has been created on one of the lane walls just this last week. I'm all for it. Good street art gives the inner city character and imbues dark alleys with colour. What can be wrong with that?

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