Friday, August 8, 2008

Artist Studios - 10

Marian Maguire, Papergraphica. August 2008. Ajr
I love limited edition prints – etchings and lithographs in particular – so I was in my element yesterday when I visited Christchurch printmaker, Marian Maguire at her collaborative printmakers’ studio, Papergraphica. Marian, who works as both etcher and lithographer, is currently “going through a reading phase” as she works towards her next series of works. Tucked into her own small drawing studio behind the Papergraphica gallery, she combs her collection of second-hand history books in search of the next artistic trigger. “Most of my work is narrative, so reading is important to me,” she says as she leafs through an old edition of “The White Chief,” by John Rutherford. Since 1997 much of her work has been related to Greek vase painting and working mythological narratives into a New Zealand context. Her most recent series introduced Herakles as a New Zealand pioneer and you can see a number of these gorgeous works on the Papergraphica website – – and one of my favourites, in the below post.

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