Thursday, August 21, 2008

Miniature Art Gallery

The Kiosk Public Art Site, Christchurch. August 2008. Ajr
I cannot believe that I have walked past this amazing little art space for YEARS without ever noticing it – until today. Shame on me! Is this not a classic example of what I am always ranting against – people never really SEEING their own city? But rest assured, now that I’ve ‘found’ it I will be returning regularly. The Kiosk is the Public Art Site of The Physic Room, and measuring approximately 710mm x 705mm, it lends itself to some fantastic artistic expressions. You can check them out on The Physics Room website…. their photos are better than mine, although, as you know, I am rather attracted to the visual confusion of multiple reflections like these. This work Twig, by Hamish Palmer has an enticing (yet somehow slightly sinister) delicacy, that reminds me of store advertising and billboard graphics – which is probably why I’m so drawn to it. It shows in The Kiosk until August 28 at the busy pedestrian intersection of Manchester, Lichfield and High Streets.

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