Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do You Look Like Your Passport Photo?

Dunedin Airport, August 2008. Ajr
I remember reading once that if you do actually look like your passport photo, you probably need the journey. I thought of that yesterday when I sat in - of all places - Dunedin Airport, waiting for my flight home to Christchurch. The thought was prompted by bad weather and a bright, lime green Air New Zealand plane emblazoned with ‘holidays’ sitting on the tarmac outside in the pouring rain. It’s fair to say that Dunedin Airport isn’t exactly a pulsating international travel hub at the best of times; in mid-winter there are ‘empty’ terminals and hints of no-man’s-land…..which is probably why I was thinking of escaping. That said, I only ever need a tiny whiff of engine fuel to start me thinking of packed bags and passport scanning.
Roll on October and the enticements of Melbourne I say!

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