Thursday, November 27, 2008

Of Beads and Body Parts

Christchurch Bus Stop. Nov. 2008. Ajr
I rather like the idea of shiny plants growing out of old sardine tins – especially when viewed on a poster on a city bus stop. There’s something almost comedic about that, that has insured I WILL get along to Fiona Hall’s “Force Field”, now showing at Christchurch Art Gallery. Not that this well-known Australian artist intends too much comedy – not if you believe the reviews anyway. Her work sounds beautiful/strange/enticing – a collection of ‘specimens in glass cases,’ a gathering of discarded objects (old cans, beads, skulls etc) – that make me think of evolution gone haywire. It’s just a pity that Damien Hirst has already had so much mileage out of the ‘bejewelled’ skull idea…… not that I’m pre-judging an entire show – and a huge show at that by all accounts – on the strength of one work. I'm prepared to 'wait and see.'

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