Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Australian Hedge

I've found myself discussing hedges a lot in the last few days - perhaps a little too much my friends might add; but it's the season for it - everything fresh spring green and me visiting lots of spectacular gardens in the name of work. This is a little beauty I photographed last year in the small Victoria town on Kyneton, north of Melbourne. It's the front hedge of a private home and it seemed a fitting end to a day that was, quite frankly, 'barking mad.' I'd found myself at the Kyneton A&P Show quite unexpectedly - with a vegetarian friend who was manning the sausage sizzle for the local kennel club (where she took her dog for puppy training). I amused myself as a spectator to that surreal world of dog shows, listening to the bitchy discussions among dog owners and marvelling at the sheer ugliness of some of the dogs. And then there was the snake handler! But that's another story. To see some of my other hedges ....Go on - you know you want to..... click on the word Hedges in the label line below this post.

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