Thursday, October 9, 2008

Winery Architecture - Another Take.

Top: Elephant Hill Winery; Bottom: Craggy Range Winery. 2007-2008. Ajr.
When it comes to winery architecture, Arrowtown-based architect, John Blair is one of the most experienced in New Zealand and along with Christchurch architect, Charlie Nott, he has formed a separate company, Winemark, geared specifically towards winery design. It’s a testament to the growth of New Zealand wine tourism that the pair has more winery projects on their books than almost any other New Zealand practice. One of Blair’s most iconic designs is Craggy Range in the Hawke’s Bay. The Giant’s Winery Complex is a coherent and commanding collection of rural-inspired buildings that includes the famous Terroir Restaurant. Not too far away at Te Awanga is one of Blair’s most recently completed winery projects, Elephant Hilla sleek, turquoise green rectangle in pre-patinated copper that blends seamlessly with the surrounding sea, sky and vines. It was a cloudy day when I visited a couple of months ago but you get some idea of this handsome addition to the landscape. And I believe their classy new restaurant is now open too.

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