Friday, October 17, 2008

This Week's Other Billboard

Billboard, Christchurch. Oct. 2008. Ajr
I was instantly drawn to this clever billboard - each letter a road with cars - advertising Mercedes Benz. Lose Yourself is my core philosophy when it comes to travel and adventures. It would be lovely to have a Mercedes Benz to do that in of course but from my experience, it's entirely unnecessary. For me there is a special magic in climbing aboard a tram, a bus, a train bound for who knows where; or in walking, or getting into your car and turning down random, unknown roads and streets, just to see what's there. Sometimes there's nothing of interest. Other times - especially in foreign countries - it is the way to discover the reality of a place. As long as you know the name of your hotel and you have the money for a cab fare, there's always a way back to familiar turf. And when I can't go overseas, I do exactly the same thing in my own city and every week I discover something new. That's what travel should be about.

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