Saturday, October 11, 2008

Graffiti Alley

Centre Place, Melbourne, Australia. 2007. Ajr
I was sorting through my Melbourne photo files this morning and came upon this one. This is Centre Place in central Melbourne, an exciting alley filled with cafes, people and fabulous graffiti - graffiti that is appreciated. It's trendy, popular and virtually a tourist attraction in its own right and it's photographed by hundreds of people every week. In Christchurch we have hints of this in the SOL lanes but there is potential for so much more. Instead of purifying our inner cities we should be encouraging creativity and character, especially in the older areas. I wonder why it is that people are 'afraid' of graffiti. It's a bit like seeing someone with a tattoo - far too often uninformed judgements are made about the perpetrators of both.

1 comment:

feddabonn said...

brilliant example of before and after, and how MUCH better after is. i think when graffiti is generally accepted it gets better!


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