Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Outside Art

Richard Killeen, "The Gathering" Christchurch Art Gallery. Oct 2008. Ajr
I do like the idea of paintings on show on the OUTSIDE of an art gallery and Christchurch Art Gallery is now doing just that as part of their new Springboard series, which in turn is part of their Outer Spaces series. Springboard is the new illuminated billboard attached to the south wall of the gallery and it’s now showing The Gathering, by renowned New Zealand artist, Richard Killeen. It’s about 5 metres by 7 metres (not quite big enough in my view) and is the largest work Killeen has ever produced – he being most recognised for his multiples of small works exhibited across gallery walls in random clusters. This work is a busy, colourful, computer-generated gathering of party-like figures and it brings welcome relief to the otherwise stern, institutional grey gallery form that hides behind the glassy front fa├žade.

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