Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Big Picture

'Pulse', Darryn George, Christchurch Art Gallery, March 2008, Ajr
WOW! The classic white cube of the Sutton Gallery at Christchurch Art Gallery has been transformed and it looks magnificent. Christchurch-based artist, Darryn George’s PULSE is grabbing attention. I leaned against the entrance yesterday, listening to passers-by. Their first reaction was invariably astonishment. A team of painters has spent two and a half weeks transferring George’s elaborate design - inspired by the colours and patterns of Maori art and the architectural detail of traditional Maori meeting houses - onto the four walls of the gallery - approximately 300sqm floor-to-ceiling. The large rear wall is in fact a giant ‘wordscape’ created from the Maori word waru, which means eight – George’s reference to “a spiritual time and space beyond the seven days of the week.” The once-simple Sutton Gallery is powerful now, reverential almost. How nice if they could leave it this way.

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