Thursday, March 6, 2008

Design Spot 4

The Ginkgo is my favourite tree. I love its exquisite leaves - leaves like no others. Each seems undecided: one divided in two, or two joined as one? Honey-gold fans in autumn, they cling to the tree until late in the season and then, inexplicably, all can fall rapidly within a few hours, or in a single day, layering into a thick yellow carpet below. The ginkgo features in many of my short stories. Japanese-born Christchurch jeweller, Koji Miyazaki is also rather enamoured of the ginkgo. It’s one of the traditional Asian plants that inspire many of his gold and silver jewellery pieces. I visited him at his Form Gallery ( two days ago, and fell in love with his delicately wrought ginkgo leaves – perfect treasures, gold and silver, some clinging, like leaves on a tree, to strands of traditional pearls. A happy marriage.

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