Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Design Spot 3

It's going to be a week of inspiration for me as I prepare a magazine feature on three contemporary Christchurch jewellers. German-born Elfi Spiewack is the first. I walked into her inner city studio today and I didn't want to leave - all the things I love - seed pods, pebbles, colourful noticeboards filled with inspirations, books, gorgeous jewellery displays, shells, tools - all the things Elfie draws onto create the exquisite and diverse pieces of contemporary jewellery that she exhibits throughout New Zealand, Australia, Germany, USA and the Netherlands. Very much inspired by nature, some of her earlier series made from seed pods, gum nuts, magnolia stamens, gold and silver struck a real chord with me. I especially loved the lotus pod encased in sterling silver to form a brooch, complete with two natural seeds and one gold-plated.

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