Thursday, March 6, 2008

Consider This.......

Here’s a bright idea for Christchurch City Council to consider – now that they’ll be hosting the Ellerslie International Flower Show (to be rebranded shortly) in March 2009. Fresh in my In Box this afternoon, a Press Release from Chicago about Chicago’s favourite Springtime pageant, Tulip Days on The Magnificent Mile, presented by Bank of America. In what seems like a brilliant idea to me, they’ve organised some of Chicago’s top ARCHITECTS to design kinetic art sculptures for the event. Some of the world’s top (Chicago-based) names in architecture have committed to creating moving sculptures designed with sustainable materials – recycled paper, plastic, glass, wood and more – spending no more than US$5,000 on their sculpture design and construction. Something like this might be an edgy, intelligent addition to a sea of blooms and re-worked garden designs.

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