Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meet The People - 2

More in the series Meet The People - Ordinary and Extraordinary New Zealanders doing interesting things...........Dom Maxwell is part of a group of dynamic, forward-thinking, young winemakers now working in New Zealand’s fourth largest wine region, the Waipara Valley, an hour north of Christchurch. Dom, 31, is winemaker for Greystone Wines, who planted their first vines in 2003, produced their first commercial release of Pinot Noir and Riesling in 2006 and have already won major awards. The vineyard has also planted 2,500 native plants on their picturesque hillside environment to help maintain healthy soils and grapes. It’s a beautiful spot as you can see and Dom’s favourite place is the Greystone Top Block on a clear day, where he can look out across the valley and the vine-covered rolling downs. Who needs the city with ‘an office view’ like this? http://www.greystonewines.co.nz/

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