Friday, March 14, 2008

Outer Spaces

Top: Tecomanthe, Peter Peryer; Bottom: Wall Painting 218, Jan van der Ploeg
There’s a little bit of hide and seek going on at Christchurch Art Gallery. They’re making us look beyond the gallery walls to find the art – well, not all of it of course, just certain pieces tucked away in odd corners, raised high overhead, or flying high on outside banners. The programme – Outer Spaces – really kicks off from April onward but the big floral banner, Tecomanthe by leading New Zealand photographer, Peter Peryer is already installed high above the main doors of the entrance foyer; and Wall Painting No 218 by Jan van der Ploeg strides boldly down the side corridor that leads to the public toilets. There’s much more to come – an underground car park bursting with colour and sound; “an enigmatic object on the roofline;” cascades of digital pattern, mannequins, a large canine and attention-grabbing billboards. A great way to enliven contemporary art perceptions, to tease viewers with the unexpected and to generally bring the gallery to life.

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