Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Spirit of India 2

Spirit of India musicans, Christchurch 2008, Ajr
What a glorious way to finish an altogether spectacular day! Last night’s 28th Spirit of India performance at Christchurch Art Centre’s Great Hall was something to tickle every nerve ending – the lilting sounds of exquisite flutes made almost human by Dr Natesan Ramani, performing with his son and grandson – all three brilliant flautists – accompanied by the astounding drumming talents of Raja Rao on his colourful Mridangam (double-headed drum) and fleet-fingered Trichy Murali on the Ghattam (clay pitcher drum). This a taste of South India, with young North Indian singer, Manjiri Kelkar doing astonishing things with the human voice, accompanied by tabla and harmonium players. I’m no musician but it seemed to me, a breathtaking interweaving of complex, subtle sounds and melodies that I would sit through all over again.

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