Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Road Trip

For those of you who responded so heartily to my earlier GPS post, here’s another little gem – Road Trip NZa series of audio guide CDs masterminded by former television director, Fiona McKenzie of South Canterbury. Simply slip the CD into your car player and listen to Fiona leading you the landscape accompanied by an engaging mix of voices, birdsong, Kiwi music, information and geographical detail. The first in the series, The Aoraki Route, takes you from Christchurch to Queenstown through the dramatic landscapes of South Canterbury and Central Otago. Fiona points out the landscapes that have inspired writers and filmmakers; she gives you history; and she enlightens you to Maori myth and land use alike. At Road Trip NZ it’s all about the journey. I couldn’t agree more.

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Jane said...

Lovely post - RoadTrip is excellent. And nice to see the Woodbury Files on a list of watched sites! Looking forward to more 'Imagines' - Jane and Keith


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