Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lyttelton - A Snapshot

A friend and I spent Easter Saturday roaming the streets of Lyttelton with our cameras – a leisurely wander taking in every detail, every sign, every quirky little thing. I liken the whole business to a treasure hunt – that scouting about for THE picture, the one that encapsulates everything that caught your eye and sparked inspiration. So many snapshots fall short but every so often there’s one that sets you buzzing with excitement. It’s how I like to get to know a place – through the lens – and if I had my way, it’s what I would be doing day after day after day. Factor in a likeminded individual with a keen eye and you have the makings of a doubly inspiring day out. I am always intrigued by the creative response – what draws us to the things we draw, paint or photograph – and I am even more fascinated by the very individual responses of two or more people to the same subject. One might be drawn to a building in its entirety, the other to the door of the building, or some tiny detail of colour, texture, pattern – or, in my case, to the spaces between that one building and its immediate neighbour. Lyttelton, the tiny port town just over the hills from Christchurch, provided us with a feast of inspiration – from its fabulous Saturday Farmers’ Market to its old buildings and character-filled streetscapes. One of my favourite photos of the day was this No.7. surrounded by line and texture; the other, the boldly patterned Loons comedy theatre juxtaposed against the sky and the rigid ‘leaning’ street lamp.

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