Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get Lost

Getting lost is part of the fun of travel for me but I agree that sometimes, losing your way is just a nuisance. Some bright spark agrees and they’ve come up with a solution for travellers who really can’t cope with getting lost. A couple of weeks ago the Banks Peninsula Information Centre rolled out a new tourist information GPS system – a rental GPS unit, which delivers commentaries and information via the car radio. Just plug it into the car cigarette lighter, tune the radio and wherever you go on the peninsula, you’ll get a story relevant to the area – poems, songs and tales recited by school children and local identities. All this for NZ$10 – and that includes a CD version of the commentaries to take home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne, Fiona here , sister of Jane (the Woodbury Files)
Found your blog page and latest comments.
Thought you'd be interested in my own venture
Hope you're well (you look bloody marvelous in your photo!)


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