Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Floral Fun

These brightly coloured flower icons are the new brand for the Ellerslie International Flower Show Christchurch. Having purchased Auckland’s highly successful Ellerslie International Flower Show for a cool NZ$1.9million, the Christchurch City Council was keen to come up with something “fresh, vibrant and fun.” I like the graphics. I think they do the trick nicely. But I have mixed feelings about the name of the event - why can’t it just be the Christchurch International Flower Show? Would Auckland have retained the name Christchurch if they’d bought it off us? Not likely! And as for the so-called “magnificent, innovative, inspirational” gold medal winning Ellerslie Experience garden on display in a tent on the Archery Lawn of the Botanic Gardens, I personally found it a total anti-climax after the visual promise of those colourful and lively graphics. Clever and sustainable? Probably. Visually enticing? Hardly.Thank goodness they have a whole year to come up with something spectacular.

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