Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coffee Break

I go to Joe's Garage to work regularly. I like the slightly manic resemblance this cafe has to a hyperactive family living room - all noise, clatter, laughter, distraction and toys. Yes, toys. Old Tonka Toys take centre stage here - in posters, decoration and a large toy box for kids to rummage in. I lay out my writing notes and I slip into 'the spaces between' noise and comraderie, where I can think. My writing is easily formed there. This morning I caught this old Tonka 'driving' across the window sill beside me against a backdrop of Kenton Chambers across the street.


glennrewi said...

tell ya what ma you can stop giving free plugs to joes and any other coffee shop/cafe from April 1 thats for sure, i'll even buy you a Tonka truck for home so you wont feel left out :)

Adrienne Rewi said...

A truck loaded with coffee beans at the very least!!!


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